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The National Environmental Accounting Database (NEAD), compiles detailed information for 134 countries about the full array of resources that underlie economies, including environmental flows (sunlight, rainfall), natural capital stocks (soil, water, forests, fish), mined materials (metals, fuels) and economically transformed goods and services (agricultural commodities, manufactured goods, services). Data for commodities and trade flows are from 2000, and long-term average data are used for climate and hydrology flows. Nations were omitted from the database if some aspect of their environmental accounts could not be quantified using current data sources.

Selecting a country in the menu below will return three tables, as well as additional links to the national synthesis diagram and a .csv file for data export. Table 1 is the Line Item Table of energy values, unit emergy values (UEV) and emergy values for all individual line item flows. Just below the table is a link to the Notes page containing original data, calculations and references. Table 2 is the Summary Flow Table of emergy flows aggregated from the individual line item flows. Table 3 is the Emergy Indices Table, containing indices respresenting various aspects of system condition which facilitate comparison of nations.

Advanced search allows for the selection of nations with values falling within a defined range for up to three emergy indices simultaneously. Once an index is chosen in the dropdown menu, you will see the range of values for that index. To select all nations simply choose "greater than" and enter 0. Data returned for any advanced search will have the values for all indices for the nations selected.

*** Please visit the newer NEAD webpage to view the updated database:


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